March 28
Andi Hindle | Cloud Identity Summit

Mark Your Calendars! Annual #CloudIdSummit Tweet Jam on the Horizon

The Cloud Identity Summit is three months away, and the @CloudIDSummit is once again hosting the annual Tweet Jam on Wednesday, April 19th at 2pm EST. This is an hour-long Twitter event where you can get a preview of the topics and sessions coming this June in Chicago. We welcome your participation!

We will be talking about Intelligent Identity:

  • Big data, analytics and their impact on modern identity and security systems
  • Using identity to make IoT more capable, and more secure
  • Privacy developments and implications
  • The rise of intelligent systems, machine learning and AI, and how our identity industry could or should be responding

Register Now for the Cloud Identity Summit 2017, June 19-22, in Chicago, IL here.

The Tweet Jam will once again be moderated by Elinor Mills, VP of Content at Bateman Group. Elinor is well known in the security industry, and having spent 20 years as a security reporter at outlets such as AP, Reuters, IDG and CNET. The jam will also feature experts from the identity and security community, such as our great speakers and sponsors, industry analysts, influencers and media. Anyone with a Twitter account is invited to be a part of the conversation.

To access the discussion, please follow #CloudIdSummit at 2pm EST on Wednesday, April 19th. Whether this is your first tweet jam or you’re a regular, here’s a quick overview of guidelines for participation:

  • Have your first #cloudidsummit tweet be a self-introduction: name, affiliation, occupation.
  • Start all other tweets with the question number you’re responding to and #cloudidsummit.
    • Example: Answer Q1 with “A1: <comment> #cloudidsummit”
  • Please refrain from product or service promotions. The purpose of the conversation is to exchange knowledge and stimulate discussion, not push sales.
  • A tweet jam is like a public forum, panel discussion or town hall meeting–be focused and thoughtful.
  • This is professional, but don’t be stuffy. No one has a problem with informality.

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By Andi Hindle, Content Chair, Cloud Identity Summit

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