March 29
William Dennis | Google

Enabling Your Apps with Mobile SSO Just Got Easier

Google has been working in the OpenID and IETF communities, and with identity management experts (many of who attend CIS) on best practices for native SSO using OAuth 2.0. To enable rapid adoption, we also created an open source SDK named AppAuth that implements this best practice. The AppAuth pattern is quickly being adopted within the industry, and it’s a positive move in the evolution of mobile apps.

AppAuth paves the way for mobile apps that offer the same speed and convenience that users enjoy with web browsers. It’s a win/win for the developers who must satisfy the escalating demand for mobile functionality as well as the workforce and customers who are doing more with their mobile apps than ever before.

The OAuth 2.0 for Native Applications Best Current Practices document is Co-Authored by William Denniss (Google) and John Bradley (Ping) and is currently in final review for publication.

AppAuth is a OpenID Connect Work Group open source project and is available for iOS, macOS and Android, in the OpenID Github repository.

By William Denniss, Product Manager, Google

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