August 31
Ian Glazer | Senior Director, Identity Salesforce

A Profession United

At Cloud Identity Summit 2017 in Chicago, we were delighted to announce the formation of IDPro as a standalone non-profit (501(c)(6)) organization.

IDPro has been over two years in the making. I spoke publicly about the effort at the European Identity Conference in 2016 and invited interested identity professionals to pledge their interest. Within weeks, several hundred individuals had signed up. Kantara offered a home for the emerging organization to do preparatory work. We investigated what services might be desired by corporate and individual members, and how to construct a body of knowledge to share best practices. And we agreed on the core mission for the organization.

The significant efforts made by the working groups under the support of Kantara gave us confidence that there was sufficient motivation to move forward with IDPro as a separate entity. This was bolstered by early commitments from a wide range of individuals and corporates across verticals and geographies to sign up as founding members to the organization—many of whom joined me on stage for the announcement at CIS.

So what has happened in the few short months since CIS?

Membership continues to swell. IDPro now has over a dozen corporate members and over 100 named individual members on roll (with 80 more via corporate memberships). It’s exciting and humbling to see this continued traction. It confirms the need for IDPro to provide the tools and the services that the initial working groups sketched out.

IDPro has appointed its initial board of directors and has assigned a number of specific roles so that we can start moving work forward. Over the coming weeks, you can expect to see a jobs board, news and announcement services and increasing activity on our Twitter stream, @idpro_org.

IDPro is also collaborating with a number of the events that take place in the identity space. Several members will be attending KuppingerCole’s CIAM event in Seattle in September. Individuals are also working to organize regional meet-ups, and we’re looking at how we can informally support those for now, with a view to providing something more concrete in the longer term. DIACC has offered to collaborate on work to consolidate an initial body of knowledge—the first step toward eventually being able to offer more formal training, and eventually, certification for the identity professional.

IDPro and Identiverse™ (the new name for Cloud Identity Summit) have formalized the partnership they announced in Chicago. Over the coming months and years, these two organizations will collaborate closely on content, community and education efforts to help provide the support that we all need as Identity Professionals.

There’s a lot going on! We’re grateful to everyone supporting us by volunteering time, energy, materials, content and goodwill to help bring our shared vision to life. If you’re interested in joining, helping or just finding out more about our work, please visit us at

Best regards,
Ian Glazer

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Identiverse is a really rewarding experience in terms of building and sharing knowledge.

— Grewe