December 20
Andre Hindle | Identiverse

The Identirati Gift-list

If your tradition is one that encourages the giving of gifts at this time of year, then hopefully you have all your shopping done. Hopefully, all the gifts are beautifully wrapped up in shiny paper (with a bow, of course!), and they’re ready to be given out and received with delighted surprise (genuine or otherwise).

But if you’re still missing a present or two for a beloved digital identity friend, colleague or loved one, then here are some last-minute ideas (in no particular order):

  1. Identity quick-reference guide for your CxO
  2. SSO on mobile that actually works
  3. Universal GDPR compliance toolkit
  4. Microfibre data-cleansing cloth (for those messy breaches)
  5. Stickers—for everything
  6. Federated provisioning for SaaS vendors (see also #7)
  7. Profile of SCIM’s patch that’s actually deployable (see also #6)
  8. Standards-based session management (no, really)
  9. Open-source Venn generator
  10. Cards against identity blockchain expansion pack

If these don’t hit the mark, you could just buy them some socks! At least you have options.


By Andrew Hindle (with thanks to the community for their contributions)
Content Chair, Identiverse

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