May 22
Andi Hindle | Content Chair, Identiverse

Your GPS for the Identiverse Agenda

If you haven’t attended Identiverse before, the conference agenda can seem pretty daunting!  The detailed agenda on the website and on the mobile app, together with our agenda blog series, will help you find the topics that are most immediately of interest to you. But sometimes, it can be helpful to have a big picture view of how things are structured. So to help you navigate the agenda, consider this your GPS.

As in prior years, you’ll find five different kinds of sessions at Identiverse—four of which are in the main agenda, with the fifth taking place on the show floor as part of our expo.

  1. Keynotes and General Sessions

These are intended to provide overall context, vision and direction for the industry. We often welcome speakers from outside the industry—typically to shine a light on topics that aren’t directly relevant to identity but will likely have an impact on our business or our careers. We’ll also feature some well-known speakers from within the industry to give more specific and focused insight. All of our keynote and general session speakers are booked by invitation, and nothing else is happening in the agenda when general sessions are running.

  1. Session Presentations

These form the bulk of the agenda, and the majority are selected by our Content Committee via an open and public call for presentations (CFP). You’ll also see a few sessions in the agenda which are provided by our top-level sponsors. All presentations, whether they’re sponsored or not, meet our editorial guidelines and go through a review process with the relevant track lead and/or content committee representative as well as the content chair before they’re presented.

Sessions are short and deliberately so. We allocate 20 minutes for the talk, plus five minutes for Q&A (or to allow for a little bit of overrun). This format has a number of benefits. It’s approachable for new presenters, and it’s long enough to cover a topic to a reasonable level of depth—but it’s also short enough to encourage the presenter to keep tightly to their topic. There’s plenty of networking time throughout the conference if you have follow-up questions or want to have a deeper discussion with the presenter.

  1. Master Classes

You’ll also see a number of these throughout the agenda. They’re intended to allow for in-depth exploration of a topic, so we allocate 50 minutes. The longer format does lend itself to more technical presentations and/or demonstrations, but don’t make the assumption that a masterclass is necessarily technical, or that they require a pre-existing (or advanced) level of knowledge. Some do, but you’ll find a range of topics being presented that are suitable for audiences with diverse backgrounds.  

  1. Panels

These are also generally allocated to longer 50-minute slots. We don’t do a huge number of these at Identiverse, but there are times where it makes sense to present and discuss a gamut of opinions.

  1. Solutions Theater

Finally, don’t miss our sponsors’ presentations on the Expo floor.  These were introduced for the first time at our 2018 event in Boston, and they were a big hit!  The talks in the Solutions Theatre don’t form part of the formal conference agenda, but they’re almost guaranteed to be fun and informative. It’s definitely worth dropping by to see what’s going on if you are looking around the Expo during breaks.

For most of the conference, we’ll have a mix of up to six sessions, masterclasses and/or panels running simultaneously. So unless you have a clone, you’ll need to choose what’s most important for you to attend. But don’t worry. If you have a real dilemma, we’ll be videoing almost every breakout session, and delegates will get priority access to those videos as soon as they’re ready after the end of the conference.

So that’s the Identiverse agenda structure in a nutshell. Keep an eye on the full agenda as it develops, and make sure to read our agenda blog series as we finalize topics and speakers between now and the start of the conference. I hope you have an informative, engaging, productive and fun week in Washington, D.C.

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