January 22
Andrew Hindle | Content Chair, Identiverse

What’s Your Agenda?

Trends and Topics

Indentiverse® has built a reputation for a high-quality agenda, featuring a diverse range of presenters from across the industry. This includes practitioners in enterprises and organizations large and small, private and public; subject matter experts; and standards bodies representatives.

The bulk of our agenda is put together from submissions to a public call for presentations (“CFP”), and also features a small number of sponsored presentations and masterclasses.  All proposals and presentations have to meet our editorial guidelines, and will go through our content review process before being presented. If you’re interested in reading more about the process of building the Identiverse agenda, check out this blog post.

The 2020 CFP closed in early January and the content committee is now busy reviewing all the submissions.  The volume of submissions has grown every year since Identiverse started, and 2020 is no exception.  With over 50% more proposals than 2019, and a consistently high quality of ideas and abstracts, selection is going to be hard.  That being said, the committee is very excited about the topics we will be able to cover in June. With this volume of proposals we can also start to identify some trends in the industry for the coming year.

Adding to more traditional, workforce-focused enterprise deployments, organizations of all sizes are now expanding their identity systems to cover customers, consumers, and APIs.  This raises some significant challenges around scalability, process, and governance. DevOps, SecOps, IGA and IDaaS are all getting a lot of attention.

We’re seeing general growth across multiple industries in connected, API-driven businesses.  API security is, as you might expect, a particularly standout topic in the general ‘identity security’ area.  Look too for standards evolution both from an authorization perspective, as well as in areas like decentralized identity and authentication.

Privacy is also having a major impact on identity teams. With the advent of the CCPA, privacy developments elsewhere in the US and around the world, and a good two years of practical experience with GDPR, there’s a lot to talk about!  Consent and delegation are both areas of particular interest.

I’m also delighted that, every year, we see more individuals willing and able to come and talk about their own practical deployment experiences.  Learning from peers in the industry about what works and what doesn’t is always valuable. We’ve seen proposals from a range of different sectors, including financial services, travel, telco, automotive, IoT and manufacturing.

The 2020 Identiverse agenda will be published in February, so you’ll soon be able to start putting together your plans for the conference week. Between now and June, we’ll be featuring several of our larger conference topic areas in our regular blogs, to help give you more insight into these and other developments.  For now, check out the videos from last year… and make sure to register today for THE Identity Industry Conference!

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