May 27
Andi Hindle | Content Chair, Identiverse

Identiverse Content Countdown Series

Part 1: User Experience

Welcome to Identiverse®  2020- new virtual format, same breadth and depth of high-quality content!  To help you navigate the Identiverse Virtual agenda with ease, we’ll be running a blog series over the next few weeks leading up to the start of Identiverse. The series will focus on particular topics and themes that will be covered during our virtual conference weeks and showcasing presentations that are especially relevant to those themes. Keep in mind, these blogs aren’t intended to be exhaustive lists, so remember to check out the full agenda as you build your schedule for the coming weeks!

This blog introduces a new theme for Identiverse: the user experience.  Digital identity is in a unique position to help organizations deliver solutions which are secure, appropriately privacy-preserving, and easy to use.  It’s crucial that we bear the user experience in mind to help drive adoption of safer ways to interact online.

So we’re delighted this year to have the experience of Identity as a primary focus for the conference as a whole, and to add it as one of our major topic areas.

Our usability and experience coverage this year ranges from real-world deployment stories such as that of Electronic Arts, or national-scale solutions like the Norwegian eID. It is also inclusive of the role specific technologies and standards have to play in making our online experience more human – from mobile biometrics to 2-factor authentication.  We’ll even dig into the details of how UX research can inform and improve our identity and security system design.

Several of our headliner talks will also touch on the user experience – look out in particular for our panels on consumer identity, identity at scale; the return of our CISO panel; an update on the Better Identity efforts; and the critical role that diversity has to play in ensuring that our identity experience works well for everyone.

The Identiverse website allows you to filter presentations in the agenda by both major and sub-topics, so it’s easy to find material that’s relevant.  Check it out now to see the complete list of user-experience focused presentations!  We look forward to your participation in Identiverse Virtual this year! 

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