June 05
Andi Hindle | Content Chair, Identiverse

Identiverse Content Countdown Series

Part 2: Privacy & Security

Welcome to Identiverse®  2020- new virtual format, same breadth and depth of high-quality content!  To help you navigate the Identiverse Virtual agenda with ease, we’ll be running a blog series over the next few weeks leading up to the start of Identiverse. The series will focus on particular topics and themes that will be covered during our virtual conference weeks and showcasing presentations that are especially relevant to those themes. Keep in mind, these blogs aren’t intended to be exhaustive lists, so remember to check out the full agenda as you build your schedule for the coming weeks!

In this 2nd part of the series, we’re focusing on two of our biggest and most popular topic areas: Privacy and Security.  These are crucial areas for the digital identity practitioner.  They’ve been at the heart of our agenda for many years, and – if you hold relevant certifications – both (ISC)2 and the IAPP offer CPE credits for attending Identiverse sessions (check out the FAQ on the Identiverse website for full details).

2020 is a big year for Privacy.  We’re now two years into the implementation of the GDPR – long enough for us to have learned plenty of lessons about what the real impacts are, and for the regulators to start to take action under the new regime.  The CCPA came into force on January 1st, and many organizations are still grappling with that.  Meanwhile, Brazil’s General Data Protection Law (“LGPD”) which, like the GDPR, has global reach, is slated to come into effect in August 2020.

Talks like Jeremy Grant’s “How the Identity Portions of California’s CCPA Regulations Put Consumers and Businesses at Risk” or Bethan Cantrell’s “Enabling Attributes of Self in Identity Systems” will be looking at the implications of the broader context for the identity professional and the systems we build.  More generally, Kathryn Harrison will be taking a look at fraud, fake news and impersonation (Deepfake, Cheapfake: The Internet’s Next Earthquake?”).  Heidi Wachs and Alice Wang will join Pamela Dingle for a panel discussion examining how we can best balance the needs of Identity, Privacy and Security.

We’ll also be looking at some important developments in foundational technologies.  

Consent is an increasingly important area – Andrew Hughes will provide an update and some demonstrations of working solutions based on Kantara’s Consent Receipt specification, and Nat Sakimura will examine broader questions and potential pitfalls around our reliance on Consent.

Don’t forget, though, that other technologies – access control, provisioning, identity assurance and more – have as much application to privacy as they do to security, the other major topic we’re considering in this post!

As always, we have plenty to look forward to from a security standpoint.  For overall context and vision, don’t miss Richard Bird’sHearts, Minds and Wallets: The War Over Digital Identity”, and our CISO Panel.

There are plenty of presentations on specific standards, architectures and technologies – explore privileged access management (“Making PAM effective”); understand the evolution of encryption (“Is Homomorphic encryption a reality?”), discover how criminals target your systems (“Identity Kill Chain: A hacker’s eye view of how your systems get pwned”) and new ways to approach defending them (“Using Threat Modeling to Harden Your Identity Infrastructure”)…. There’s so much to choose from!

And this year, it’s all free, and easy to watch either live or on-demand!  Many of our live broadcasts will also provide an opportunity for Q&A with the presenters, and our community is planning a range of meetups, watch parties and other virtual social events so you’ll never be far away from someone to exchange ideas with, or to ask for help.

Check out the full agenda now, start planning your participation, and REGISTER TODAY!


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