June 29
Andrew Hindle | Content Chair, Identiverse

Virtual Identiverse ‘Day 1” Round Up

Welcome to Identiverse 2020, to Identiverse Virtual, and to the end of our first ‘virtual’ day.  Identiverse normally runs across 4 days; Identiverse Virtual runs across 8 weeks…. So 2 weeks in (already!) and it’s time for us to send out our usual ‘end of day #1 email’ –  this year in blog format so that even if you haven’t had a chance yet to register or to watch any of the sessions live or on-demand, you won’t feel left out.

And what a couple of weeks it’s been!  

We’ve had the first sessions for our all-new User Experience track.  We’ve touched on privacy, on standards, on security and on MFA.  We’ve enjoyed our first in-depth masterclass (Identity on Kubernetes), with follow-along downloadable labs.  We’ve heard thought-provoking conversations with Andre Durand, Esther Dyson, Richard Bird and Henry Rollins (yes, the Henry Rollins). We’ve had solid, practical advice from large-scale deployments in a range of industries.  And we’ve listened to industry vision and prediction from Ian Glazer, been entertained (and slightly worried!) by Ken Munro’s insight into security & identity for IoT, and informed by Kathryn Harrison on the challenges of deepfakes. 

We’ve also all been figuring out how best to emulate at least some of the critical network and ‘hallway conversation’ that normally happens at Identiverse.  It’s a little different in Virtual, that’s for sure, but the in-session chat is proving useful, and people are starting to find their way to the Virtual Identiverse Slack workspace that we’ve set up.  And there’s plenty going on in social media as well.

So by the end of our first ‘day’, we are finding our way in and out of session rooms, we know where the best places are to hang out with our peers – including speakers and content committee – and we’re settling in to a routine so that we can pace ourselves through the rest of the conference.

And there’s plenty more to come!  Next week at #identiverse we’ll run up to the 4th of July weekend with some Identity Assurance, Self-Sovereign Identity, Strong Auth, Identity in Healthcare… and Alex Simons from Microsoft headlining mid-week.  It’s going to be fun!

I do want to take a moment to thank all our wonderful speakers.  Doing presentations virtually is certainly a different challenge, and everyone has risen to it admirably.  Our content committee have gone above and beyond in providing additional guidance and support where needed.  And a big thank you to all our sponsors this year for supporting the event.

We’ll be back with an update at the end of next week – in the meantime, keep enjoying #identiverse! 

“Very glad #identiverse made my most compelling challenges disappear: I can now follow ALL the content of the year and take serious time reflecting what I just listened to cause it spans over 8 weeks. Oh and for FREE 🙂 Thanks @andrewhindle @andredurand and @pingidentity”

— @IdentityMonk

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Identiverse is Fantastico!

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