Blog | May 20, 2021

We’re Back

Author: Andi Hindle

Nearly a year has passed since Identiverse 2020, and the identity industry has been busy!

The need to support remote working and to accelerate digital transformation projects in both public and privacy sector deployments has, in turn, driven the rapid adoption of zero-trust, MFA and passwordless deployments. Verified identity approaches, including trustable attributes and verified credentials, look set to form a crucial part of the economic reboot that needs to take place in so many countries; and will certainly play a key role in restarting international travel. Public debate now frequently turns to challenges we are all too familiar with inside the industry: digital empowerment, inclusivity, and the potential risks to privacy which must be balanced against personal and societal needs and rights. Regulators and legislators around the world are rapidly upping their game. At the same time, the cybersecurity landscape is becoming increasingly challenging.

What a time to be in Identity!

Just as so many people around the world are trying to adapt to new circumstances (or to figure out how to get back to ‘normal’), so Identiverse is adapting. In 2020 we ran our first ever virtual conference; this year, we are running our first ever ‘hybrid’ event. This essentially operates as one event with two venues: a physical venue in Denver, and a virtual venue in… well, wherever you happen to be. In tune with a lot of what’s going on in the Identity industry as a whole, it’s experimental and innovative whilst leaning, where possible, on a number of existing good practices and tried and tested methodologies. One of those things is, of course, the rich agenda of expert speakers, entertaining and informative panels and thought-provoking keynotes and main stage presentations.

The full agenda is available to view on the Identiverse website; and over the next few weeks in the run up to the conference, I’ll present my own perspective on the agenda to provide a different lens through which to view all of the material. Alongside that, we’ve already started to provide information on the website about what to expect from both the virtual and the in-person experiences, and you can expect additional details as we get closer to the start of the event.

To start things off, I’ll provide a quick overview of how the agenda is structured this year, along with a few pointers about how things will operate. Later blogs will cover some of the specifics in each of our primary topic areas.
Every year, we pick a primary focus for the conference, which helps inform (but does not dictate) the agenda. This year, we’re focusing on personal identity; and you’ll find lots of material scattered throughout the agenda (as well a few fun experiences, if you are attending onsite) which will to a greater or lesser extent be infused by this theme.

As you look at the agenda on the site, however, you’ll also see that each of this year’s presentations is flagged with a particular topic; if you’ve attended Identiverse before, these will seem pretty familiar. This year we have seven primary topic areas:

Architecture and Standards has been a core area for Identiverse since its inception. You can expect deep-dives into new standards, updates on new developments, and debates and discussions about how to stitch everything together to form workable, flexible, and practical solutions.

Deployment & Leading Practices features highly practical talks, often (though not always) from identity professionals engaged in the day-to-day design, deployment, and operation of identity solutions. These talks are a great opportunity to learn from the experience of others.
Identity for Developers focuses on the deep technical aspects of building and managing applications which need to leverage core identity standards and technologies.

Identity for Security gives us the opportunity to explore the increasingly critical intersection between identity management and cybersecurity.

Privacy, Ethics, Public Policy & Governance is an expanded topic this year. Privacy has been a core area in the identity industry for a long time, and has been a primary topic at Identiverse for a number of years. The importance of privacy, and the implications to identity teams and business owners of increasing regulation in this area, are reflected in this year’s agenda.

Professional Skills & Development gives us the opportunity to examine and enhance some of the other capabilities that Identity professionals need to develop their careers.

Finally, Vision, Strategy & Futures talks, panels and main stage presentations will help to provide a broader context for the work we do, helping with both strategic and tactical planning.

The bulk of our agenda is made up from the open and public call for presentations, but we are also delighted to welcome our 2021 Sponsors and Exhibitors, and you’ll see a number of sessions and masterclasses from our premiere sponsors. These sessions, coupled with the virtual and in-person expo, provide a great opportunity to learn more about the products, technologies and solutions that are available in the market and understand how they can be applied to solve real-world problems. Some of the more technical talks are presented by product architects and engineers, so you’ll get a really deep understanding of how things works (and, of course, have the opportunity to ask questions of the presenters!); others will cover real-world implementations, frequently featuring a presenter from the company where the deployment took place.

There is, as always at Identiverse, a lot to look forward to… and I look forward to bringing you more insights into our diverse agenda over the coming weeks!

For now, if you haven’t already registered, take a moment to review all that’s on offer at Identiverse this year. If you can make it in person, we’d be delighted to see you! If you can’t, know that we have a great virtual experience as an alternative. But whichever you choose, I encourage you to get registered today!

Andi Hindle