April 09
Countdown to the #Identiverse Tweet Jam

Andrew Hindle | Content Chair, Identiverse

You’ve probably heard by now—the annual Tweet Jam for #Identiverse (formerly Cloud Identity Summit, CIS) has been announced! Scheduled for Wednesday, April 25th at 10:00 am PT, the one-hour Tweet Jam will once again be moderated by Elinor Mills (@elinormills). It’ll cover everything from blockchain to open banking to the next steps for MFA, and […]

YubiKey Scored “Pretty Positive” in BYU Study

Scott Mace | Freelance Journalist

Two-factor authentication via a smartphone has appeal since so many of us carry smartphones, but it isn’t the only hardware game in town. Think smaller—devices only large enough to permit users to press a button. There are several such devices on the market already, and one is the YubiKey from YubiCo. But how usable are […]

March 15
Can You Identify When it’s Safe to Connect Things?

Robert Brown | IoT Consultant

Internet-connected things are already here. More are on the way, so everything is fixed, right? The IoT has faced a fair share of unseemly headlines, and it’s likely there will be many more until things are appropriately secured against attack. Easy to write, hard to achieve. What are we defending against when data security can […]

March 07
Join the Identiverse Tweet Jam – Keep the CIS Tradition Going!

Andrew Hindle | Identiverse

It’s Tweet Jam time again! Cloud Identity Summit may have evolved into Identiverse, but our commitment to high-quality, vendor-agnostic industry content and community engagement are staying the same. To keep tradition going, we’re preparing for our annual Tweet Jam. If you haven’t attended one before during our CIS years, you won’t want to miss out. […]

March 01
Graphs for Identity

Alex Babeanu | Senior Identity Specialist, Nulli

Today’s hyper-connected society is witnessing an explosive increase of networked services and resources. This is especially true of the Internet of Things (IoT) tsunami hitting our digital shores these days. Are current identity and access management (IAM) systems up to the task of securing the billions of new devices expected to come online by 2020? […]

February 07
Making Identity Better: Government and Industry Efforts Take Form

Jeremy Grant | Managing Director, Technology Business Strategy, Venable LLP

A key lesson from 2017 was that attackers have caught up with many of the “first-generation tools” we have used to protect and verify identity. The recent Equifax breach may have driven this point home, but the reality is that these tools have been vulnerable for quite some time. There are many reasons for this […]

February 06
Why UX Matters or How Color (and other) Choices Can Ruin an Identity Experience for Users

Lance Peterman | IAM Architect, Merck

I’m not writing this to shame a company, though I do plan to share this post with them in hopes that they can make some adjustments that will benefit customers in the future. As such, I’ll do my best to mask their identity as much as reasonably possible. Before doing so, I want to back […]

February 05
Higher Education and Identity in 2018… what’s next?

Dave Shields | M.S., CIAM, Sec+, ITIL-F

We’re officially through the first month of a new year and let’s face it, 2017 brought many interesting changes to the world of identity management and the field of higher education. But now that 2017 is out and 2018 is in, what can we expect to see in higher education and identity management for the […]

December 20
The Identirati Gift-list

Andre Hindle | Identiverse

If your tradition is one that encourages the giving of gifts at this time of year, then hopefully you have all your shopping done. Hopefully, all the gifts are beautifully wrapped up in shiny paper (with a bow, of course!), and they’re ready to be given out and received with delighted surprise (genuine or otherwise). […]

December 19
Open Standards: the Foundation for Open Business

Matt Klassen | Ping Identity

Identity standards matter. This statement is nothing new to those of us in the identity and access management world. We have known this and believed this for well over a decade. This year, however, marks a milestone that is worth talking about – identity standards finally matter, I mean really matter to the business world. […]

December 18
Five Identity Trends to Watch in 2018

Scott Mace | Freelance Journalist

2017 was an eventful year for efforts to move identity technology beyond its existing boundaries. As we enter 2018, I thought I would highlight a few of the trends to watch and how they evolved in 2017. To put this list together, I had the help of Phillip J. Windley, Ph.D, an enterprise architect in […]

November 16
The evolution continues- calling all presenters!

Andi Hindle | Identiverse Content Chair

In case you missed the news at Cloud Identity Summit in June, we announced that CIS would be renamed to Identiverse. But with the name change, we’re keeping the core qualities of CIS intact: the family program, the great networking opportunities, the awesome parties, and—of course—the highest-quality speakers covering the most relevant topics in identity. […]

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