May 15
A Primer on APIs – Opportunities, Risk, and Remediation

Jon Lehtinen | GE

APIs offer premade services, utilities, and integration points that allow applications to deliver rich features without requiring the application itself to write each component. This presents a significantly reduced barrier of complexity and time to value for application offerings both commercially, and in the enterprise. That’s said, those same integration points that extend app capability […]

April 28
In CIAM, Pay Attention to the Entry Nodes

Nishant Kaushik | Uniken

When you think of customer identity and access management (CIAM), what do you think of? One of the first things I think of is a network. That’s because I believe security teams need to map out all the different ways in which your customer interacts with you, and how they end up authenticating themselves in […]

April 27
CIS Tweet Jam Highlights

Andi Hindle | Cloud Identity Summit

Last week, we hosted the annual #cloudidsummit Tweet Jam. Identity experts were tweeting about this year’s theme of ‘Intelligent Identity’ as a preview to the conversations we expect at CIS in June. The best news of all is a special promotion that was announced during the Tweet Jam that you can use even if you […]

“Edge” Identity and Access Management

Paul Madsen | Ping Identity

The premise of “fog” or “edge computing” is that some processing of Internet of Things (IoT) device data occurs near the device rather than being communicated up to the cloud for analysis there. A key advantage for such local processing is the potential for more dynamic and timely analysis. Would you want your self-driving car […]

April 25
Fulfilling IoT’s Promise with Identity Standards

Ian Glazer | Salesforce

From connected light switches to pet feeders to RVs, the world of IoT promises a lot. For businesses, IoT offers the promise of a continually connected customer. This connectivity is a new digital channel for engagement – one which not only provides enhanced service to the customer, but also a deeper awareness of who that […]

March 30
IAM Systems Need to Become More Intelligent

David Treece

Business demands on identity and access management (IAM) infrastructure continue to grow. IAM has come a long way to improve access security and operational efficiencies. Organizations today commonly provide single sign-on, employee lifecycle management, and are extending these services to customers and consumers. Saying that, the current set of IAM tools are very prescriptive. The […]

March 29
Enabling Your Apps with Mobile SSO Just Got Easier

William Dennis | Google

Google has been working in the OpenID and IETF communities, and with identity management experts (many of who attend CIS) on best practices for native SSO using OAuth 2.0. To enable rapid adoption, we also created an open source SDK named AppAuth that implements this best practice. The AppAuth pattern is quickly being adopted within […]

March 28
Mark Your Calendars! Annual #CloudIdSummit Tweet Jam on the Horizon

Andi Hindle | Cloud Identity Summit

The Cloud Identity Summit is three months away, and the @CloudIDSummit is once again hosting the annual Tweet Jam on Wednesday, April 19th at 2pm EST. This is an hour-long Twitter event where you can get a preview of the topics and sessions coming this June in Chicago. We welcome your participation! We will be […]

Critical Authentication Standards
March 27
Why Standards are Critical for Authentication

Brett McDowell | FIDO Alliance

The need to remove our collective reliance on “shared secrets” (passwords, one-time passcodes and security questions) to enable secure user access to online services and enterprise resources has never been more clear. What is also abundantly clear: the opportunity to solve this problem in a robust, scalable manner that leverages proven public key cryptography in […]

Cloud Adoption made easier
February 22
Cloud Adoption Done Right Transforms Security Pros from Productivity Foes to Friends

Laura Hunter | Microsoft

As a long-time IT practitioner, I have seen (and contributed to!) my share of organizations whose security offices have taken a hard-line “No” approach on cloud adoption. “We can’t adopt the cloud because it’s [not secure | not secure enough | not as secure as on-prem].” I realize now that each of these organization’s security […]

Emojis - Identity
February 15
Are Emojis the Answer to Stronger Passwords?

Sean Deuby | Edgile

As I’ve stated before, passwords are like cockroaches. No matter how hard the identity community tries, they keep scuttling out of the corners – another SaaS new app here, another new mobile app there. And though federation adoption is increasing, legitimate concerns over relying parties being given more data than they require are impacting the […]

January 05
CIS 2017- The Agenda is Building!

Andrew Hindle | Cloud Identity Summit

With 6 months to go until CIS 2017, the agenda for Chicago is starting to take shape – we have a lot to cover this year! ¬†Supported by our keynotes (which we’ll be announcing in the next few months), we’re planning 7 major streams of content within the context of our Intelligent Identity theme: Identity […]

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