Emojis - Identity
February 15
Are Emojis the Answer to Stronger Passwords?

Sean Deuby | Edgile

As I’ve stated before, passwords are like cockroaches. No matter how hard the identity community tries, they keep scuttling out of the corners – another SaaS new app here, another new mobile app there. And though federation adoption is increasing, legitimate concerns over relying parties being given more data than they require are impacting the […]

January 05
CIS 2017- The Agenda is Building!

Andrew Hindle | Cloud Identity Summit

With 6 months to go until CIS 2017, the agenda for Chicago is starting to take shape – we have a lot to cover this year! ¬†Supported by our keynotes (which we’ll be announcing in the next few months), we’re planning 7 major streams of content within the context of our Intelligent Identity theme: Identity […]

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