Closing Party

The Founder’s Closing Party is one of the long-standing traditions that makes the Identiverse experience so much fun. This year, the party is hosted by Ping Identity at D.C.’s famous Newseum, one of the most interactive museums in the world. In this beautiful open facade building overlooking Pennsylvania Avenue, attendees will gather to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Identiverse in style.

One of the best and unique things about the Founder’s Closing Party is the live performance by ZZAuth and the Love Tokens. Not only is this band laden with sheer talent, it is comprised of individuals that are professionally immersed in the Identity Industry. The entire performance celebrates everything that is truly special about Identiverse.

Identiverse is definitely the place to hear and talk about the next wave of standards in the identity space : you hear both how great that stuff will be and the opinions and reasons why it won’t.

— Anonymous