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Session / On-Demand

The Words of Identity

Tuesday, June 22
2:05pm - 2:30pm MDT

The language of Identity has many valid dialects, depending on the context of the practitioner, and there is no true “terminology” of Identity.

Experience from Identity projects, as well as working on the Body of Knowledge for IDPro, shows that communicating across these dialects is hard, and leads to unnecessary misunderstandings and delays.

We all simplify, that is unavoidable. But since we very often also assume, communication breaks down. People come into Identity from different angles, and as such their words of Identity will have different meanings in different contexts. The key is to understand these differences.

This session is about learning how to detect misleading Words, and to establish a common framework for Identity language, for your own specific context. We can identify scenarios where special communication is required, and we can determine which words are most likely to have different and conflicting meanings. Then we can either not use those or know how to minimize the confusion.

And we can write our own localized Identity terminology, relevant for our own organization, project, or initiative.

The Words of Identity aims to establish the awareness of language and communication in Identity.