MasterClass / Identity for Security

Microsoft Presents: How to Enforce Security Policies in Real Time with Continuous Access Evaluation

Wednesday, June 23
8:30am - 9:20am MDT

Token expiry and refresh is a tried and true mechanism in the industry. That said, the lag between when risk conditions change for the user, such as when the device moves outside the corporate network, or when the password is reset, and when policies are enforced related to that change, exposes your organization to risks and undermines your Zero Trust security posture. Simply reducing tokens’ lifetime doesn’t solve the problem and degrades user experiences and reliability without eliminating risks. In this masterclass, we will share technical guidelines and field-proven best practices to help you enforce timely response to policy violations or security issues and minimize the time at-risk sessions stay active with Continuous Access Evaluation (CAE). In this session, you will learn: - What is Microsoft CAE and how it works - How it relates with industry standardization - How to build CAE-capable apps - How to participate in the industry standardization

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