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Session / Deployment & Leading Practices

Risk-Based Security Takes Flight: How American Airlines Rebuilt Confidence in International Travel Using Digital Identity Assurance Technology

Wednesday, June 23
1:30pm - 1:55pm MDT

American Airlines, one of the largest airlines in the world, announced in November 2020, that it would offer international travelers, flying to and from select countries, a mobile wellness wallet solution to boost confidence and streamline COVID-related travel requirements. That solution—designed and built collaboratively by American Airlines and Daon—is now an integral part of American’s seamless travel experience. But there is also reason to believe this solution is but the first of many, and that similar risk-based, privacy-centric health identity solutions—through which an individual maintains complete control over their data, and their protected health information never leaves a personal mobile device—will be critical in helping businesses across a broad spectrum of industries restore consumer and employee confidence in the post-pandemic world. In this session, hear from the architects of this solution as they discuss the origins of their risk-based security model (with seeds planted in the public sector with TSA’s renowned PreCheck program), the battle scars and triumphs accrued along the way, and the health identity blueprint for future success in multiple, diverse industries.