see 2021
Session / Deployment & Leading Practices

Identity, Inclusion and Money - Lessons learned from delivering best-practice digital identity transformation projects with Asia-Pacific banks

Tuesday, June 22
3:35pm - 4:00pm MDT

Digital financial inclusion isn’t only limited by socio-economic factors. It isn’t simply geographic either. To ensure that no user is left behind financial institutions must think more deliberately about how a wider range of consumers might engage with a platform throughout their digital banking journey experience. From registration, authentication, self-service and support though to managing consent and privacy there are many opportunities to get it right. The winning enterprises are offering easy, identity-centric user experiences with informed choice, consent management and control of personal information. Once an appropriate level of assurance that a user is who they say they are has been established, the more innovative teams will tailor a customer experience for them in a way that appears seamless. This delivers a sense of inclusion and belonging for the user, driving loyalty, trust and broader financial engagement. Hear Linden Dawson share her own practical tips for digital identity transformation success, drawing from her current, hands-on experiences navigating several major financial institutions across the Asia-Pacific region.