Panel / On-Demand

Introduction to Privacy

Monday, June 14

Privacy and Identity have long been closely related.  With increased regulation, greater sensitivity on the part of consumers and workforce alike to the privacy of their information, and the growing recognition of privacy as a business imperative, that relationship is closer than ever.  Privacy is going mainstream: it is now a critical component of what identity professionals need to do, and at the forefront of what leaders need to consider.  Yet, the privacy landscape is evolving rapidly, with new regulation and legislation driving significant innovations in technology and practice.  In this session, supported by the IAPP, three privacy experts will discuss key developments and directions in Privacy, and will examine important topics that impact directly on the digital solutions that identity professionals enable, including risks around identification and authentication protocols; tools required for good privacy governance; the minimization of data collection; security risks around data; how to work with privacy officers inside orgs; and more.  

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