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Session / Identity for Security

Simeio Presents: The IAM Journey : You need a sherpa not a travel agent - a discussion on how a guide is needed on a difficult IAM Journey

Wednesday, June 23
11:35am - 12:00pm MDT

We will discuss the differences between a Sherpa and a Travel Agent...and then draw the connections of these real world items into the world of IAM. Some companies (like resellers) are just the travel agent...they can book your flights and take your money for tickets...but are not at your side when your travel plans need to change in the middle of a dark and dirty country. You need a Sherpa (a guide taking the journey/making the climb with you). This is where a partner (not a vendor or supplier - but an integrator comes in). Organizations often jump, or are pushed, into identity and access management (IAM) technology acquisition without being fully aware of their detailed requirements or how new tools fit within an overall IAM architecture. Buyers often issue RFPs with many trivial or superfluous questions that vendors are well-prepared to answer, making it difficult to differentiate between vendors or to understand how well a vendor can address an enterprise's specific requirements. Talking with an integrator BEFORE you issue an RFP is always wise (analogy of investing without advice etc). Total cost of ownership for IAM products varies widely, even within the same product category,causing potential budget overruns or unplanned spending. need a guide....