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MasterClass / Deployment & Leading Practices

MFA for Real: Reports from the Field… Two Years Later

Tuesday, June 22
3:00pm - 3:50pm MDT

Two years ago (well, five years ago if you factor in 2020), executives from Intuit, Netflix and T-Mobile gathered on the Identiverse stage to talk about their own experiences, challenges and successes as some of the earliest companies to deploy FIDO - both for their employees and consumers. Since then, a lot of progress has been made for FIDO adoption; particularly, the launch of FIDO2 WebAuthn and subsequent support in all major browsers and platforms. We’ve also faced a global pandemic that has made many companies jumpstart some digital transformation and security projects, while putting others on hold. In this talk, we will bring back executives from these same companies on the original panel and see what’s happening with their FIDO authentication projects two years later. What have they learned, where are they now, and what’s next?