Identiverse Summit: Digital Identification

Monday, June 21
2:00pm - 4:00pm MDT

Are you an identity expert interested in shaping the future of digital identity? Request your invitation to be a member of the inaugural Identiverse Summit, co-located at Identiverse 2021, and this year focusing on Verified Digital Identity. The Summit will bring together top industry leaders at Identiverse to collectively determine how businesses can most safely and effectively leverage the opportunities presented by verified digital identity solutions. You will actively shape the future of the industry and speed verified digital identity adoption by sharing your ideas in a structured workshop with peers. Your participation will inform a roadmap that will guide businesses on how to effectively deploy verified digital identity capabilities while enhancing security and ensuring privacy.

At the inaugural Identiverse Summit, you will join a select group of fellow industry leaders in an agile-style event facilitated by leading digital identity expert Jeremy Grant, coordinator for The Better Identity Coalition and member of Venable’s Cybersecurity Risk Management Group. Topics for the break-out teams and framework sprints include: how businesses can prepare to support, adopt and deploy digital IDs; how to incorporate critical issues of security and data privacy; and how to create next-generation digital identity infrastructure. All members will participate in cross-functional working groups to develop a blueprint that will serve as a guide for businesses to securely and effectively make verified digital identity a reality.

1. Fostering adoption: Before digital IDs become a reality, businesses need employees and consumers alike to be comfortable with them and prepared to use them. This session will ask participants to address the many issues hindering adoption, such as the need to build trust in digital IDs among different generations. Other issues include providing convenient enrollment, ensuring digital IDs are easy to use, and optimizing the initial identity proofing process. For some businesses, it will also be important to consider whether and what business or government incentives to support digital IDs are necessary and how they can measure the success of implementing a verified digital identification program.

2. Immediate implementation and integration: This session discussion will focus on how businesses can create next-generation digital identity infrastructure, including near-term issues surrounding the implementation of digital IDs and integration into existing business operations and systems. This could include everything from who should be accountable and responsible for the overall management and maintenance of digital IDs and providing equity for the digitally vulnerable to how to deal with lost devices and fraud detection.

3. Business best practices: This session will ask participants to look at who within business organizations needs to have a seat at the table when it comes to addressing critical issues around digital ID usage, the roles and responsibilities of each department, and best practices to address them. For example, how should HR work with the IT team when it comes to provisioning and deprovisioning access to network servers via an employee’s digital ID? What do product and UX teams need to consider when it comes to e-commerce functionality like point of sale and ATM integration? Other departments that may be addressed include customer service, marketing and communication and the c-suite and/or board of directors.

4. Future Considerations: This session will dive into the impact of longer-term technology developments as well as potential future privacy/security regulations or legislation, and will explore how businesses can best prepare while rolling out digital IDs in the near term.  For example, should businesses be concerned about more sophisticated deepfakes, the increased use of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or quantum computing? Further, are there specific federal or state efforts to cut down on potential security breaches that would do more harm to the use of digital IDs than good?

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