see 2021
MasterClass / Deployment & Leading Practices

The Building Blocks of a Successful CIAM Program

Wednesday, June 23
1:30pm - 2:20pm MDT

Consumer identity and access management (CIAM) facilitates the relation between consumers and brands. CIAM is an important consideration when developing routes to market for your products and services. A predictable and frictionless consumer’s journey can be achieved by leveraging the concept of CIAM building blocks — Capture, Engage, Manage and Admin. In this session, learn more about the building blocks and how various stakeholders within your business can use them to structure their requirements and enable their experience use cases. Capture: Every business will need to capture users’ identities and profiles to engage with them in a personal manner. Engage: At this stage, the organization must balance security and experience to (re)connect with consumers on a deeper level. Manage: This building block is an important consideration as it relates to managing PII and sensitive data for consumers who manage their profiles Admin: Finally, Admin, or administration, is an important aspect of the technical operations and maintenance of a CIAM platform. While every brands engagement will support unique experiences, this CIAM framework will enable your organization to get alignment and support repeatable operations with optimized security and business outcomes.