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MasterClass / Architecture & Standards

PAR, What is it Good For?

Wednesday, June 23
11:00am - 11:50am MDT

PAR is what folks in the know call the "OAuth 2.0 Pushed Authorization Requests" draft. So, what is it good for? Actually, quite a bit. Hailing from the IETF's OAuth Working Group, PAR is an aspiring RFC written by an internationally diverse cohort of co-authors. It aims to bring a deceptively simple enhanced and interoperable security option to OAuth clients when initiating an authorization flow. If you can tolerate the bad puns, gratuitous workation photography, strained cultural allusions, and mixed metaphors of this short Identiverse session, you'll learn what PAR is in fact good for and why it's already an integral part of initiatives like the OpenID Foundation's 2.0 Financial-grade API Baseline Profile and Australia's Consumer Data Right Security Profile.