see 2021
Session / On-Demand

Diversity in Identity and Tech: Fostering Career Success

Wednesday, June 23
7:30am - 7:55am MDT

Establishing and sustaining diversity in the Technology field, and by extension the Identity Industry, remains a struggle. To unlock the most powerful products and customer experiences for our diverse end user population, we need this representation in the workforce. How might we achieve this goal? We know raising representation in technology related education and improving recruiting practices are key to getting diversity in the door, but how do we sustain and retain that diverse talent long-term? In this talk, we will discuss the power of a diverse workforce in Technology and Identity and how to sustain it with an environment of growth, inclusion, and belonging. We will focus on the challenges minorities in these industries face and how, as an employer or employee, to overcome these challenges. This talk will explore key issues, such as belonging and growth, many minorities face in building a career in Technology and Identity. Experienced minority leaders in the Identity field will discuss the obstacles they faced and how they overcame them. We will provide guiding principles to help attendees navigate their own journey to break out of a stalling career and find belonging in the process. We will also discuss how participants can identify behaviors that hold them back from being successful and develop habits that unlock their potential.