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Session / Deployment & Leading Practices

Building Enterprise Identity: What Foundations?

Tuesday, June 22
7:30am - 7:55am MDT

Everyone here at Identiverse likes to hear about and talk about the latest shiny toys, right? AI, containers, cloud, the latest Oauth2 draft and the one after that. And blockchain of course. And cocktails. But lessons learned and a certain wisdom tell us that these shiny new toys only shine and prove useful when they are applied on some real solid grounds. These solid grounds are the Identity Foundations every identity practitioner shall build first and only then build upon This session will focus on and clarify the very first steps *everyone* ought to consider *before* targeting for the Identity Moon: - know the identities you’re dealing with and get better at it, - know the access control model you ask your applications to rely upon, from the simplest and most widespread model to the more complex ones - learn and adopt the basic technology and standards that will prove indispensable - design the processes to keep identity data up to date and within an acceptable quality range - know the good, the bad and ugly ways to provide your users with authentication, credentials and single sign-on and choose wisely