Identity for Security

Recent Identity Threats and Trends: Lessons to improve Identity Security

Tuesday, June 22
7:30pm - 7:55pm MDT

The year 2020 will be remember, among other things, for a large number of attacks, breaches, and security compromises that affected organizations of all types and sizes. What have in common MFA-stealing mobile malware, man-in-the-browser and extension-based attacks, ransomware campaigns, consent and application-based phishing, and finally allegedly nation-state supply-chain compromises? Well, events of all those happened in 2020, but more importantly, they involve identities, compromises, or bypasses to Identity Security measures.

In this session we will review, through a set of selected real-world examples, some of the recent trends on Identity-related threats and operations, aiming at concluding with a series of lessons that can be applied to improve Identity Security strategies and better prepare for the future.