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Session / On-Demand

Why Your Business Needs an IAM Product Manager

Wednesday, June 23
11:35am - 12:00pm MDT

As companies define and continuously refine their product organization, a need for a Product Manager for customer-facing products is obvious. When a business has a suite of products they sell, they know each of those products needs a vision, strategy, and roadmap. They need someone to help analyze the competition and market so that they can differentiate their product and excel.

But when it comes to cross-functional platform services that are necessary but aren’t sold, like Identity and Access Management, Workflow Services, Notifications, Navigation, etc., it can be easy to think of them as less of a priority. Some companies lump them all together; some give Identity to the general Security team; some simply think, “all we need is a login page; how hard can it be?”

Let us help you help convince your company that you NEED an Identity Product Manager.