Keynote / Professional Skills & Development

Forget What you Know and Authenticate Everywhere

Wednesday, June 23
9:30am - 10:00am MDT

The worldwide identity and security community has been working to change the nature of authentication for almost 10 years now. The goal? To move the entire world away from usernames and passwords and traditional multi-factor authentication to a much simpler, stronger and standardized way to sign in across the web. To not just introduce new strong authentication techniques but to change the DNA of the web to make strong passworldless authentication a ubiquitous feature on every device, every web browser, every operating system. Audacious yes, but the progress made in this time is showing us that this goal is actually… doable. How will we get there? By eliminating dependency on knowledge-based authentication. Join Andrew Shikiar as he looks at the steps we’ve taken and those to come in the journey to strong authentication everywhere, progress made so far, and brand new developments that will help shape where we are going next.