see 2021
MasterClass / On-Demand

Radiant Logic Presents: Thriving in a Hybrid World with Federated Identity

Wednesday, June 23
1:30pm - 2:20pm MDT

Even as key infrastructure and operations continue to move to the cloud, it’s clear we’ll be operating in a hybrid environment for decades to come. If identity is the new perimeter, then how do you navigate a world where identities are scattered across diverse data centers and multiple cloud directories? The demands on identity have not changed: authentication, authorization, and governance still require the right user data in the correct context and location to enable secure access.

Explore how RadiantOne FID optimizes your infrastructure for a hybrid cloud-enabled world that still respects legacy systems. Our powerful abstraction layer creates a unified global view of all identities, objects, attributes, and groups from across data centers and cloud vendors, then delivers it in the precise format required by each consuming application and environment. Quickly sync identity data independent of location, as you source locally, distribute globally, and secure centrally—all from one integrated, independent platform.

Learn how to quickly clean/correlate identity data; create a logical place to authenticate users; sync a global reference image to provision cloud applications/directories; simplify user/groups management; incorporate partners, vendors, contractors, and customers; and more.