see 2021
Session / Identity for Security

Zero Trust: Out of Marketing and into Production

Wednesday, June 23
7:30am - 7:55am MDT

In recent years, the Zero Trust moniker has been applied to countless products ranging from MFA to remote access solutions and beyond. The label has been applied so broadly that the industry has struggled to keep a sense of even basic questions such as: "What, exactly, is Zero Trust?" In this session, we'll move past the marketing, past the hype, and past the competing definitions. We'll talk about what Zero Trust looks like in production today in the cloud - both the amazing security advances have been proven and the deployment and other challenges that remain. We'll look at real world Zero Trust architectures that aren't theoretical, but instead ones that are processing sensitive data each and every day. Finally, we'll close with a look at some guiding principles that will help you make meaningful progress towards your own Zero Trust journey, regardless of whether that's in the cloud (any of them!) or on premise.