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Panel / On-Demand

mDL: Towards a Global Trust Framework & Governance Model for ISO Compliant Mobile Driving Licenses

Wednesday, June 23
8:30am - 9:20am MDT

After years of international collaboration, 2021 will see the publication of ISO/IEC 18013-5 Personal identification — ISO-compliant driving licence — Part 5: Mobile driving licence (mDL) application. While mDL standardization continues, the potential for mDL to take its place alongside the passport as a globally recognised identifier occupies the minds of stakeholders. Constructing a Trust Framework and Governance model to scale to the level that ICAO undertakes for passport operations, informed by past experience and contextualizing for mDL, is a key component in achieving global scale. This panel session brings together the non-profit organizations active in this fledgling ecosystem, to engage in an audience/panel discussion to debate the approaches being considered, and what success might look like.