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Session / On-Demand

Make Empathy the Most Important Tool in your IAM Toolbox

Wednesday, June 23
8:00am - 8:25am MDT

Face it, we've all had to follow a bad process or use a frustrating tool or service. Customers have a choice; they can go elsewhere. Within the Enterprise, choices are somewhat limited. I've yet to see a business user who wants to be insecure. I have, however, seen them go around a bad process or tool. That's a failure on the Security team. When users go around security, it introduces risk that can have disastrous consequences to your Security or Compliance posture. As Security Professionals, we know that security is only effective if it is implemented properly, and then adopted. The likelihood of user adoption is increased when you satisfy their expectations. If you could delight them, game over! Conversely, missing the mark with your customers is a waste of already-constrained resources. The key to success is Empathy; getting so dialed-in to your customers that you can feel their needs. Whether an engineer, developer, or business user, when their needs are taken personally, you are more likely to delight them. Empathy begins with a personal connection and is one of the under-appreciated keys to a robust security program.