Vision, Strategy & Futures

The Privacy Paradox: All I Have To Do Is Be You

Tuesday, June 22
9:30am - 9:55am MDT

What a wild year 2020 was! From work-from-home wifi router hacks to massive unemployment benefits fraud by organized crime to an explosion in successful ransomware attacks; 2020 will forever be the year that put all of our assumptions, planning and solutions to the real test. Richard Bird, in an Identiverse keynote in 2018 predicted the rise of privacy as a salable feature by Big Tech, and now those companies are openly opposing each other in the creation of competing security and privacy promises. There is a paradox that must be solved before meaningful change can be delivered for human beings in the digital world. The most common characteristic of data privacy laws around the world is the demand that companies protect data that belongs to a human being, but not actually protect that same human being. This is the privacy paradox; companies will continue to be fined and penalized for protecting data but compromising privacy, because all I need to do is be you and I get our stuff. Richard Bird will discuss pending changes in law, changes in human expectations and the rising commercialization of privacy for consumers and what it all means for privacy and the future.