see 2021
Session / Identity for Security

Remote Onboarding Enabled by Standards Based Identity Verification

Tuesday, June 22
3:00pm - 3:25pm MDT

Many companies are engaging in remote onboarding and need to adopt new methods of identity verification that can be done digitally. While new forms of ID verification are most prevalent today with Financial Services as a means of performing Know-Your-Customer regulations, there is nascent adoption across other industry verticals. In this session, the speakers, in partnership with industry leading identity proofing partners, will demonstrate an open standard approach to ID verification based on Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers for remote onboarding. With this new approach users can verify their identity once and use their credentials with any organization. Enterprises can leverage this simpler cost-saving approach to remotely onboard employees, partners, and customers compliantly while respecting the end users’ privacy.