MasterClass / Architecture & Standards

New York Air National Guard Takes Flight with Remote ID Proofing and Phishing-Resistant Authentication

Tuesday, June 22
8:30am - 9:20am MDT

The New York Air National Guard (NY ANG)’s ability to swiftly respond to state emergent situations is critical for the protection of New York citizens. Understandably, how National Guard members learn of their deployments and securely access mission-critical information in real time is of utmost importance in times of crisis. In 2020, NY ANG sought to move beyond traditional usernames and passwords in search of a solution that could offer high assurance security as well as premier usability. 2020’s rapid shift to remote work prevented NY ANG from physically verifying member identities, which further accelerated their efforts. In partnership with Yubico and, NY ANG was able to bind a strong, phishing-resistant authenticator to an ID-verified user — all without in-person contact. In this session, you’ll hear from NY ANG to understand their drivers for strong authentication and how usage of this technology transformed their disaster preparedness efforts. Yubico and will discuss how the joint remote identity proofing solution was designed, integrated, and deployed in compliance with NIST 800-63A IAL2 and NIST 800-63B AAL 3 requirements. And together, the team will reflect on the pilot project learnings, challenges, and solutions, along with future applications for NY ANG and beyond.

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