see 2021
Session / Deployment & Leading Practices

Better Living Through Centralized IAM Policy Decisions

Tuesday, June 22
3:35pm - 4:00pm MDT

You've spent years working to deliver true SSO and now your users have a single, simple authentication service to access any of their resources. That impressive UX curtain, however, hides behind it a multitude of distributed systems and platforms that each hold their own rules for providing access to their services. These systems are deployed both on-premises and in multiple cloud providers. They manage both coarse- and fined-grained authorization rules. They include modern tools but you’re still managing legacy systems as well. The situation is daunting. Your leadership wants metrics on system usage, HR needs reports to show that terminated users are removed everywhere, developers want to know how they should validate access, your auditors are asking how you are enforcing separation of duties, and the regulators are demanding that you provide proof that you are enforcing their framework policies. This session will provide you with practical solutions and implementation models to allow you to undo this Gordian knot of access points and centralize your policy management to provide standardization, visibility, security, and easier management of your access rules. You will come away with proven architectures and strategies that you can begin to implement within your own organization.