Professional Skills & Development

Inspired Leadership: How Women Rise

Wednesday, June 23
10:00am - 10:55am MDT

This session will examine how women rise in leadership in the IT field, why diversity and inclusion efforts seem to have stalled, how to overcome barriers, and become catalysts for change to create paths to success where everyone wins. Kimberly Sutherland will be featured discussing her career path, leadership experiences, and illustrating how to go the distance to make diversity and inclusion a reality in your career and in your company. The discussion will touch on concepts about overcoming barriers such as the "glass ceiling," "glass cliff," the "broken rung", and more. She will address the ups and downs of navigating a career in identity as an African American woman. A lot can be learned from women who have chosen to stay in the identity industry and have moved to the top. Ms. Sutherland will provide the positive steps to take to launch men and women into meaningful careers.