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Panel / On-Demand

Digital Privacy Trade-Offs During a Public Health Emergency

Wednesday, June 23
11:00am - 11:50am MDT

COVID-19 has forced a reckoning of significant implications on digital privacy in the face of managing a global public health emergency. A panel of industry experts from the Office of the National Coordinator, a major Health Information Exchange, a market-leading Electronic Health Record provider, and a healthcare organization CISO/CPO will discuss identity proofing challenges in various in-person and remote scenarios for successful healthcare interoperability and coordination of care. Additionally, in the light of rapid digital advances in the space (contract tracing through apps and through OS which collects data both actively and passively), the panel will focus on how organizations should prepare for and manage the tipping point of waiving/excusing/restricting privacy protections for public health management and the claw-back of privacy protection that will inevitably be required as we edge out of the pandemic. Analysis and recommendations about ongoing vaccination tracking and public health management in the context of digital privacy and real-world applications (i.e., vaccination passports) will be reviewed.