see 2021
Session / Deployment & Leading Practices

Putting Developers on Steroids - And Getting Away With It

Tuesday, June 22
3:00pm - 3:25pm MDT

Where Customer Identity solutions are an essential nutrient to developer productivity, a Customer Data Platform is the equivalent of a performance enhancing drug. In this session we will provide an overview of how a large Australian bank extended the concept of micro services to micro front-ends and baked Customer Identity and Data right in. To paint a clear picture for participants, this presentation will differentiate Customer Identity and Customer Data. We will introduce attendees to key components developers at our bank use when creating digital experiences, how Customer Identity and Customer Data are integrated, and how we have seen productivity increase significantly on the back of that integration. Rework - among other factors highlighted in this session - being a key driver of productivity, we will provide insights into how it is driven by stakeholders up to two levels removed. We will also touch on the blurred boundary between Customer and Enterprise Identity and how it impacts developer productivity. Needless to say the approach is the result of learnings from less than ideal outcomes and we will share key lessons with participants.