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Identity Proofing at a Crossroads – Orchestrating Online and Offline Data

Wednesday, June 23
11:00am - 11:50am MDT

Identity-proofing today is at a crossroads. The most commonly used identity-proofing techniques are compromised through data breach events that have left personally identifiable information readily available for purchase on the dark web. The usage of credit reporting data, knowledge-based questions and other public data sources on their own are not the silver bullet.

With the unmistakable data identity consumers leave behind, harnessing this to help businesses differentiate good customers from fraudulent imitations and establish a reliable basis of trust will prove crucial as faceless transactions become the norm during and after the pandemic. That’s because COVID-19 has also dramatically accelerated digital transformation with 61% of respondents from an Economist Intelligence Unit survey saying their organization has changed their digital transaction process due to the pandemic.

Join this panel discussion with TransUnion’s Head of Fraud Prevention Solutions, Shai Cohen, and industry leading executives (contact information is in the process of being confirmed) where they discuss this new age of identity proofing of orchestrating online and offline data. What are the pros, cons and pitfalls with bridging digital and personal identities.