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Session / Deployment & Leading Practices

Field of Dreams is a Myth - Supporting Digital Identity Beyond the Project

Tuesday, June 22
1:30pm - 1:55pm MDT

A lesson found far too often in identity & cybersecurity programs: buy the tools, we'll worry about support & operations later. Far too often, enterprises allocate budget to acquire technologies to support digital identity initiatives, failing to consider the people and processes that will need to be added or changed to make the initiative a success. I call this the, "Field of Dreams - Build It and They Will Come" model. In this talk, I'll share the lessons learned in building digital identity solutions at 3 very different companies, with 3 very different outcomes. We’ll explore wisdom gained across 3 different digital identity service domains including: privileged access management, identity governance & administration, and access management. Are there any silver bullets to be found in a successful identity management program? Let’s explore that idea together!