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Session / Deployment & Leading Practices

Best Practices and Learnings from an Enterprise Workforce Passwordless Deployment

Tuesday, June 22
3:35pm - 4:00pm MDT

At the end of 2019, Gilead began its process for re-thinking user authentication within its entire employee workforce install base. Given regulatory compliance requirements around data privacy and security in the pharma industry, our drivers were lowering identity risk across our network. Our use cases ranged from employees working from home, on premises, over VDI and partners with similar access requirements. Fast forward to today and we have completed a thorough evaluation of options, pilot testing, and are in preparation stages for enterprise-wide deployment. Our session focuses on learnings from our pilot related to administrative management of an enterprise passwordless deployment, end user feedback and processes, and overall deployment strategy. The session will also share survey-based feedback from our end users on perceived benefits as well as measurable benefits we are tracking as an organization. We look forward to sharing from our experience as an early adopter of passwordless authentication technology in the pharma industry.