see 2021
Session / Architecture & Standards

B2* and Beyond

Wednesday, June 23
8:00am - 8:25am MDT

Business to business (* times) to customers (or not) is an ever growing business model, a de-facto trend implemented at Telcos, FinTechs and other verticals, including IoT vendors. The main Identity-related problem with these complex environments is not necessarily where we think it is. Through various real-life examples, this session will show that the problem lies not so much in authenticating users, services and things, but rather in managing their access; i.e., managing authorization. This becomes particularly critical and hard at larger scales. We will show that a way to solve and future-proof a B2* model is to use a graph-based approach and platform in order to simplify the problem to the point it becomes manageable and flexible enough to cater to any future trends.