see 2021
Session / On-Demand

Trust Is Not A Bad Word

Wednesday, June 23
2:05pm - 2:30pm MDT

In Security, we've always treated Trust as a bad word, epitomized by phrases like "Never Trust, Always Verify", "Zero Trust", and more. But in an online world, Digital Identity is fundamental to the relationships we build with our customers, our partners, and our employees. And relationships are built on trust. So how can we possibly do our jobs without understanding the role that trust plays in identity, and giving it the care and attention it requires? In this talk, we will explore how an inextricable emotional human element plays a critical role in digital identity initiatives, showing up in ways that are often invisible, under-appreciated, or ignored. Trust is of paramount importance in addressing thorny questions and overcoming challenges to adoption and buy-in. And all of you, as identity professionals, are at the forefront of establishing trust as a key ingredient in digital identity, whether you know it or not. Only by embracing trust into the very fabric of the principles, practices, designs and architectures of our digital identity initiatives can we deliver the security, privacy, and access that the modern world, and our society, demands. Trust is an investment with one of the best returns you’ll ever get, so let's talk about elevating it to its rightful place.