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MasterClass / On-Demand

Radiant Logic Presents: Smart IGA Begins with Identity: Cleaning House for IGA Success

Wednesday, June 23
8:30am - 9:20am MDT

As technical environments, regulations, and threats from both inside and out continue to grow in complexity, Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) has become an increasingly critical tool. IGA engines require rich, clean identity data, but this essential fuel is often stored in incompatible sources, formats, structures, and protocols across data centers and multiple clouds. Since IGA solutions aren’t built to rationalize, normalize, and disambiguate identity, this challenge is a leading cause of IGA project failure. Join us to discover the identity integration landmines that often overwhelm your IGA package, doubling deployment costs and stalling projects. We’ll explore how RadiantOne FID provides optimized individual identity streams from each source to your IGA solution. Learn how to set your company up for success by deploying RadiantOne before your IGA project, giving your IGA tool the high-quality normalized data, common identifiers, simplified protocols, and rich context it needs to ensure a successful roll-out. Already deployed? See how RadiantOne makes it easy to get your project back on track—no more endless coding, just a simple wizard-driven workflow that delivers powerful results.