see 2021
Panel / Identity for Security

Scaling Strong Authentication

Tuesday, June 22
7:30am - 8:20am MDT

The global emphasis toward identity protection is crucial in combating the increasing number of data breaches by unscrupulous individuals. In a worst-case scenario, a hijacked identity that belongs to a privileged user allows the impostor to gain to key systems or create synthetic identities to obtain services or assets illegally. Criminals will use what is considered private information to establish a digital identity for fraudulent activities.

With the threat landscape ever shifting it is essential to use strong authentication to authenticate to your protected resources. But what exactly is strong authentication and how does it scale? This panel of experts will explore this question and others such as: 1. Is the authentication mechanism resistant to attack based on the level of acceptable risk in the transaction? 2. What is the strength of the credential presented? 3. What protections are built into the credential service provider? 4. What has changed given much of the workforce and consumers are now working from home?