Kay Chopard
U.S. Ambassador and US Women in Identity Board Director
Women in Identity

Ms. Kay Chopard is the U.S. Ambassador for Women in Identity and serves on the board of directors of Women in Identity US. Women in Identity is a not-for-profit membership organization supporting diversity and the need for identity solutions build FOR everyone to be built BY everyone. Women in Identity strives to be a catalyst for change.

Ms. Chopard is also the President and CEO of Chopard Consulting based in Northern Virginia and the founder of the Women’s Leadership Institute, https://womensleadership-institute.com/. Ms. Chopard has more than 35 years’ experience in executive leadership in government, nonprofit, and business organizations in Washington, D.C. She has a reputation as a transformative leader who has led organizations through launch, transition, and sustainability to deliver game-changing results. She excels at building networks and collaborations that overcome systemic cultural norms and empower diverse and inclusive teamwork.

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