Vinayak Shenoy
Senior Program Manager

Vinayak Shenoy is a Senior PM in the Microsoft Identity Product Group. He works with ID-Sec. teams of large/complex enterprise IT footprints, assisting them in their deployment journey from an on-prem, network-fenced infrastructure to a hybrid/cloud environment with Identity (and Azure AD) as the control plane and a focus on identity security. He is on the Feature Triad (SWE,PM,CXP) team developing Azure AD Identity Protection, responsible for feeding the customer perspective into feature development. He was also involved in Microsoft's Defending Democracy "AccountGuard" program for US democratic institutions during Election-Yr. 2020, helping them improve their ID-Sec. posture to counter cyberthreats. Vinayak comes with 6+ yrs. of enterprise/ISP escalations engineering experience hardened in wired/wireless networking, network security, identity management and SDN. Prior to his current gig, he worked to scale the Azure & SharePoint network infrastructure provisioning pipelines.