June 13
Improve Security Strategically to Support Transformation

Julie Talbot-Hubbard | Optiv

For companies looking to improve business efficiency, boost customer engagement and increase revenues, digital transformation is a top priority. This transformation is driven by the migration to the cloud, more remote workers, the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and new customer demands. In its scale, scope and complexity, this digital transformation is entirely […]

June 12
Identiverse Content Countdown Series

Andi Hindle | Content Chair, Identiverse

Part 4: Architecture and Standards The standards we rely on, and the systems architectures we design, form the firm foundations upon which we build safe, secure, reliable, scalable and interoperable identity solutions. Staying abreast of the wealth of new technologies and techniques as they arise—and understanding what’s ready to deploy now and what just needs […]

June 11
Completing the Foundation: A JWT Profile for OAuth2 Access Tokens

Vittorio Bertocci | Principal Architect, Auth0

The world of open standards never stays still. The evolution of the IT industry, together with the changing habits of users, developers and IT professionals, continuously creates new scenarios and puts a new twist on old ones. Open standards must keep abreast of those developments, supplying architects and developers with the tools required to tackle […]



04/15/2019  |  Washington D.C.
Identiverse Announces Full Conference Agenda

Security and Identity overlap in many ways. Our agenda has several sessions that encompass both. Check out this blog highlighting the security content you won't want to miss.

Join @KPMG as they delve into the functional models of modern web applications using #PingFederate and #PingAccess as examples for leading practices for integrating web application components into a secure infrastructure. #Identiverse

The world of open standards never stays still. Read this article by @vibronet of @auth0 as he covers a JWT profile for 0Auth2 Access Tokens to complete the foundation.

I look for forwarding to seeing you in the nation’s capital in two weeks @Identiverse. Join me to celebrate the 10th anniversary of THE Identity Industry event representing the digital identity and security industry.

@Identiverse @verizon Humbled to be in such a great company of all the speakers at #Identiverse. If you're attending, please considering attending the session on #5G IAM where we'll explore what is changing in 5G as it relates to Identity.

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