Alex Holden

CISO; Hold Security, LLC
Alex Holden is the founder and CISO of Hold Security, LLC. Under his leadership, Hold Security played a pivotal role in information security and threat intelligence, becoming one of the most recognizable names in its field. Holden is credited with the discovery of many high-profile breaches including Adobe Systems, initial vendor breach that led to the discovery of the JPMorgan Chase breach, the independent discovery of the Target breach and the Veraz (Equifax Argentina) breach. In 2014, he discovered the largest breach of data to-date. Dubbed the CyberVor breach, he recovered a cache of over 1.2 billion stolen credentials gathered from over 420,000 exploited web sites.Considered one of the leading security experts, he regularly voices his professional opinion in mainstream media.

Alex's Session

Wednesday, June 26
5:00 - 5:25 pm
Cases of Stolen Identity
When hackers target our identities, they are setting on a dangerous, yet still successful path for their crime spree. Based on real-life experience of monitoring hackers on the Dark Web, we will go on a fascinating tale of tools and techniques and investigate how cyber criminals bypass our safeguards and steal our data. Topics will include 2FA bypass/reset, KBA tricks, user emulation and fingerprinting anti detection, social engineering, and other latest techniques employed by hackers. Learn what our nemesis are using so you can stop their attacks.

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